Moab 2017

Trip to Moab, UT in the summer of 2017. This intense edit was created by Hinna Raja

Whitewater Rafting

The House Akros crew went whitewater rafting this summer with David Champion and his awesome crew of friends. The experience was phenomenal thanks to KODI Rafting. Here is that trip…

Barefoot video for Groupon Coupons

Barefoot video for Groupon Coupons featuring Jason Lee in a Marvel’s Daredevil and Deadpool Halloween Costume. Ben Groen in a Harley Quinn and Joker and Spider-Man Halloween costume. David Small in a Batman and Superman Halloween costume. Keith St.Onge in a Wolverine and Darth Vader Halloween costume. Even Swampy in a The Incredible Hulk Halloween costume. Check out the post at: